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The Story Behind That Picture Over There

 You might notice that
 I use the same picture
 quite often. The main
 reason for that is that
 it's REALLY hard to get
 a picture of me with
 my eyes open. In
 other words, I don't
 photograph well.

 The digital age has
 helped me with this.
 On those rare
 occasions when I do
 get a halfway decent
 picture, I can make
 adjustments on the
 computer. I have
 given myself computer
 haircuts. In this case,
 my left shoulder was
 cut off, so I just
 copied my right
 shoulder, flipped it
 over and stuck it on
 the rest of my body.

 The Story Behind The Song

I get ideas for songs from a lot of different places. Some are personal. Some are political. And some are part of a story that I just think needs to be told. Every once in a while, a good story pops into my head (e.g. Neverlove never happened, at least not to me). Below you can find where I got the ideas for some of my songs, how they came about and the general history of a song. I will add stories little by little, so keep coming back!


One day while sitting at work in Japan, doing my small part to defend our country, I naturally came up with the sad story about someone running into his high school sweetheart. Yes, this story is completely made up, and this was one of those songs that just flowed right out. I could barely write fast enough.

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The Cause

"The Cause" is whatever you want out of life. This is different for everybody, but the actual LESSONS from the song are the same for everybody. First, you have to look very carefully at what is actually going to take you there. I have run into many people in my life that don't understand this concept. I have friends that have spent 20 years or more trying to get to their own "Cause," but they never get there because they've always tried to do it in one step, when their path lies in a roundabout way. I used to be this way, until I finally realized that I was never going to get where I wanted to be if I skipped some of the necessary steps, some of which are not always pleasant.

The second lesson is that there will be people very close to you that will constantly try to tempt you away from the Cause. They will try to guilt you into going out when it's in your best interest to stay home that night. They may even convince you that you are going to fail, when you can really succeed if you believe, and if you have the patience to follow the right path.

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